Cheats Death - Now Needs A Home

Dog lovers are being asked to provide a home for Alvin the Staffi who has survived despite being abandoned and developing a serious leg injury.

20 year old Jess Cooper works in a dog re-homing center in Torbay and in January this year a Staffi called Alvin who's about 5-6 years old was found wondering the streets. He came Jess's care hoping his owner would come forward and take him back home, but after his Council days were up he was still with the kennels and had to be put up for re-homing. Whilst waiting for a new home Alvin developed a Luxating Patella which means slipping knee cap. 
But there wasn't the funds available to pay for his operation to rebuild his knee so the only choice was to euthanasia him – But jess had other ideas and she started a huge campaign to try and raise the funds for Alvin to have his operation. 
Here Jess telling her story to Newsmistress Michaela here CLICK HERE
Alvin's become a bit of a celebrity and is currently in foster care with Sarah Fisher and her partner Anthony Stewert-Head (you may remember him as Giles from Buffy the vampire slayer and the prime minister from Little Britian) They kindly offered to foster Alvin for 8 weeks so he could recover from his operation but his time is nearly up and he doesn't have a permanent home to go to. Jess is desperate to find Alvin his forever home…can you help????