Devon Parents Battered By Their Children

Devon parents who are being assaulted by their own children, are telling Heart they no longer want the problem swept under the carpet.

The problem has become so noticeable that The Domestic Violence and Abuse Service for West and South Devon has now set up a support group at its headquarters in Newton Abbot.

Already twelve parents have said they would like to become involved in Support For Abused Parents, known as SAPS.

Manager Sara Williams says they decided a group was needed when an increasing  number of parents said their children were being violent towards them...but they were too afraid to talk about it for fear of being seen as a parenting failure.  The problem is made all the more acute because the youngsters, as young as nine years old, can't be left alone in the house when they start 'kicking off' and there's no where the parents can hide.

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Heart's been talking to one mum who has had violent episodes from her daughter since she was three years old. The mum has never been in an abusive relationship and both parents live at home.  The daughter is now 12 and despite years of therapy she is still lashing out.

The mum says it's extremely difficult to live with.  We have disguised her voice to protect her identity CLICK HERE

The group meets  every month. It meets today Wednesday 20th June  12pm - 2pm 

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