Keeping An Eye On Torbay

Police in Torbay are taking a hi-tech mobile CCTV system on to the streets.

Two cameras have been incorporated into a regular police patrol van.  One is fixed in the front of the van but the main camera is on top  of a mast which can be extended to ten metres.  It is able to beam back clear, colour images from several miles away.  It has even got infra-red lighting so the system can be used at night, too.

The images are so clear that they can be used as evidence in court.

The CCTV system, which will be able to link with other CCTVs and police computers, was bought with money confiscated from the proceeds of crime.

It'll be used when there's trouble on the streets, for car crime and police believe it'll be especially useful for search and rescue missions.

Sgt Steve Shepherd told Wendy Buckingham about the system.  CLICK HERE