Life For Torbay Murderer

A Torbay man'll spend at least 18 years in jail, after being convicted of killing a Paignton man, whose body has never been found.

42 year old Andrew Lawless was found guilty at Exeter Crown Court of murdering Stephen Price, who was last seen in Paignton 20 months ago.

The court heard an argument between the pair over parking escalated, and what started as a missing person enquiry soon developed into a murder investigation.

Police were convinced Mr Price was dead after extensive searches across the country and Ireland, and in the face of growing evidence & witness testimonies.

Given they had no body the investigation took many months to complete, compiling enough evidence to prove in court that not only was Stephen Price dead, but also that his killer WAS Andrew Lawless.

In sentencing, Judge Graham Cottle told Lawless "you stabbed him to death... and bundled his body into your van, and somehow disposed of the body.

"A serious aggravating factor is his family & friends can never achieve the closure they seek.

"You are a very dangerous man.

Mr Price's family yelled out "yes", when the verdict was announced, followed by some emotional scenes outside the courtroom.

A statement was read on their behalf after sentencing, click here to listen to it.