Putting Torbay On The Map

During 2001 and 2007 Torbay lost more than 4 hundred thousand visitors to the Bay. It's an industry worth 4 hundred MILLION a year....

Blue Chip Holidays believes the bay needs to re-invent itself and put the resort back on the cool list of places to visit.

And perhaps, the Bay needs to take a step out of Teignmouth's shoes who hosted the Muse concerts a few years ago.

Ewan Davey




Blue Chip holidays say one of the ways that can be done is to highlight the positives and really start shouting about them, rather than relying on some of the bays stars like Agatha Christie.

They've teamed up with rising stars Metronomy to put 'The English Riviera' on the map.

Blue Chip Holidays




Not only is the title on the bands new album but hopefully it will act as a pointer to the area for a destination to the bands followers.