Sanders Stays, But Younger-Ross Goes

Adrian Sanders is still Torbay's MP, having retained his seat - but the Tories did take Newton Abbot from the Lib Dems in the election results.

The Conservatives had earmarked Torbay as a key constituency to win if they were to take control of government, but Sanders actually increased his majority over the Conservatives' Marcus Wood, who finished second.

In Newton Abbot though, Anne-Marie Morris took the constituency, which recently had it's boundaries changed. She beat Richard Younger-Ross by around 500 votes.

Elsewhere, the Tories also won the new constituency in Central Devon, and retained Totnes - although with a new MP in Sarah Wollaston, who's taken over from Anthony Steen.

Click here to listen to Sarah Wollaston's reaction after winning.

Results in full for Torbay & South Devon:


Adrian Sanders (LD) 23,126 (46.99%)
Marcus Wood (C) 19,048 (38.71%)
David Pedrick-Friend (Lab) 3,231 (6.57%)


Dr Sarah Wollaston (C) 21,940 (45.86%)
Julian Brazil (LD) 17,013 (35.56%)
Carole Whitty (Lab) 3,538 (7.40%)


Anne-Marie Morris (C) 20,774 (43.03%)
Richard Younger-Ross (LD) 20,251 (41.94%)
Patrick Canavan (Lab) 3,387 (7.01%)


Mel Stride (C) 27,737 (51.49%)
Philip Hutty (LD) 18,507 (34.35%)
Moira Macdonald (Lab) 3,715 (6.90%)