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Lisa: I used to do Butt crunches while standing in a shopping queue or while doing dishes, also hoover with your stomach pulled in tight will tone it up great.

Nikki: I find that putting the music channels on the telly is good and dancing around then you find the kids want to join in too.

Ange: not sure what would motivate me, and it would be good to be motivated. i think if you have a network such as people to exercise with helps , say you cant be arsed one day or night but if you have to pick up a friend you dont want to let someone down helps, so maybe a text system, but what i find ,is finding a suitable time, i hate evenings as once im in i want to settle down, then weekends seem hetic,so i think a good time for me is when everyone is asleep , so early morning and something you could do with others , what about a web cam and everyone gets online to do some sort of exercise and if you know your buddys are doing it youll join in type of thing, hope this helps .....

Lou: when I can be bothered to exercise Josh needs to sleep or he'll just sit on me. He is to heavy now for me to swing him on my legs, my problem I have no motivation, I have a couple of Davina d.v.d but I'm lazy, if I don't see results fast I get fed up. could do with a work out though.

Louise - I have done sit ups and yoga exercises since i was 18.

When fen was a baby I would do them when she was asleep in the day and when She was older I got her to do them with me, and had some colouring for her to do as well as I did it for 30 mins so attention span goes after awhile with the kids.  Now she is 11 she does them with me sometimes and she has been taught lots of them at school now in Gym. However you can do lots of exercise at home, just have to be motivated, can put on the music and get jumping around, can go on the trampoline if you have one, run around the garden and house.  Lift up tins of beans to build up biceps, triceps, deltiod in all the correct ways. When fen was a baby i did used to put her on my tummy and do sit-ups but  they don't stay little for long, so you have to adapt!!  Going jogging with the three wheel buggy is good for mums with babies, I have seen that mainly in New York!!

Immy - as i had twins it was virtually impossible to have the energy to even think about exercise - took a year to get out the house without loosing the plot!exercise - joined a womans local running club - nice small friendly all sizes all abilities and did weigth lifting with one babe but the other would howl for attention so gave up on that one LOL I used to run up and down the stairs alot and use baked bean cans for weights

I'm afraid I have been quite appalling over recent years because of my studies but when I do get any free time [cough] I play on the Wii fit with the children or a really good houseworking session can prove to be quite arduous!

Have you tried to dance along to The Wiggles routines????!!!

Certainly keeps you fit!!

Nina - I do push-ups against the cupboard doors (I haven't got the strength to do them from the floor!!) I don't run up the stairs 'cos I don't want Hannah to, but I do bring my knee right up on each step - and lunges on a step too! Oooooh and 'reverse push ups' using the stairs, or a chair behind me to try & tighten the ol' bingo wings