WATCH: Janice From Friends Recreates Her Iconic OH MY GOD! 22 Years On

Friends' Janice On A Possible Friends Movie And Her Catchphrase | This Morning


Twenty-two years since playing Janice in Friends, Maggie Wheeler looks amazing as ever in a TV interview!

We all know her as Chander Bing's annoying girlfriend and of course for her signature catch phrase 'OH...MY...GOD!'

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Actress Maggie Wheeler, 55, who played Janice 22 years ago looked incredible in a chat with This Morning presenters Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

janice from friends maggie wheeler

Many fans took so social media to comment on how amazing she looked but also how shocked they were to find she sounded NOTHING like the annoying Janice!

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The star spoke about her times on set with the cast and how she came up with her infamous laugh!

She said she 'knew Matthew Perry (Chandler) was going to make me laugh on set, so I had to be prepared. I came up with the laugh as a sort of safety measure.' 

We couldn't imagine Janice without THAT laugh, and being the amazing sport that she is, Maggie still mimics Janice when fans ask - what a hero!