16 Unforgettable 'Friends' Moments Of All Time

Friends Picture Frame

It's been over ten years since the final episode of 'Friends' was aired on our screens but it is still our go-to TV series. It's a great source of lols, life advice and just general banter. 

Because we miss it so much, we take a look at some of the best moments EVER. 

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1. When Joey put all of Chandler's clothes on without any undies on AND THEN mocked his sarcasm: 

2. When Ross, Chandler and Rachel tried to take the sofa upstairs: 

3. When Monica apologised by putting a turkey on her head and then Chandler accidentally said 'I love you':

4. When Brad Pitt played Will Colbert and he and Ross had an 'I Hate Rachel' club:

5. When Joey found out that Monica and Chandler were a thing but that it was still a total secret: 

6. When Phoebe pretends to fancy Chandler just to make him tell her about him and Monica. This kiss was too awkward: 

7. When Danny Devito played a stripper at Phoebe's hen party:

8. When Phoebe was happy with Mike and then David came back from Minsk:

9. When Ross got overwhelmed by the spray tanning machine: 

10. When Rachel was upset that she wasn't pregnant but then Phoebe actually revealed that she was:

11. When Monica and Ross did The Routine: 

12. When Monica and Rachel lost the game and they had to switch apartments with the boys: 

13. Joey doesn't share food. Ever:

14. When Chandler got caught having a bath:

15. This:

16. When Rachel got off the plane:

Oh how we miss the whole gang!