AMs To Get £10k Boost From Next Year

Welsh Assembly Members are getting a £10,000 pay rise.

The independent Remuneration Board of the National Assembly for Wales has announced the boost will come in from May 2016, after the election.

It means Members will now be paid £64,000 a year.

Sandy Blair is Chair of the board and says it reflects the amount of responsibilities they’ll have:

“Compared with the early days of the Assembly, they’ll have hugely increased responsibility for making decisions that affect every person in Wales.

“They’ll have decisions that involve making the laws of the country and they will have the role of considering various levels of taxation.

“On average, the work of an AM is greater than that of an MP.”

He added:

“A lot of people felt that it sounded unfair.

“But we’ve pointed out that comparisons with public sector workers are accurate for this year as Members are only getting a 1% increase.

“Because the changes are so significant, we’re talking as though someone had been promoted several places in work and in which case, anyone would expect to be paid more.

However changes are also being made to pensions.

The scheme will reduce the amount of money taxpayers put in, but Members will contribute more.

Some AMs have already said that they are against a pay rise.