Baby Found In River Died During Birth

Police say a baby boy found in the River Taff in Cardiff died “during, or shortly after childbirth”.

The body was found last week along the Taff Embankment.

Midwives are now appealing for his mother to come forward, as there are concerns for her wellbeing.

Suzanne Hardacre works at Cardiff and Vale Health Board, and pleaded with her to get in touch:

“Our midwives and doctors are worried about you and understand you have been through a very traumatic time and that you may be frightened to come forward.

“We have a range of health care professionals available who are ready to give you any emotional support or medical attention you may need following the birth of your baby boy.  Any care you receive from us will be in total confidence.

“We are aware that this must have been a very difficult and distressing time for you and we are not here to judge you, whatever your personal circumstances are we can support you and your family.”

Detective Inspector Mark O’Shea admitted there was no new information on the identity or the whereabouts of the woman they’re trying to reach.

However, he insisted that the investigation will continue.

The results of a full post-mortem examination are expected in a few months.