Budget: "More Power To Wales"

The Chancellor's confirmed plans for a Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon are being taken forward.

It's part of the latest budget for the UK.

South West Wales Assembly Member Peter Black says he’s delighted with the announcement:

“It’s absolutely fantastic news, this tidal lagoon is going to be transformative for Swansea and west Wales.

“It’s going to bring hundreds of jobs and attract a lot of tourists.

“And of course it’s going to produce sustainable energy.”

The Government's now going to hold talks over the £1billion energy project, which could be extended to 3 other sites in Cardiff, Newport and Colwyn Bay.

George Osborne says there’ll be more powers for Wales, working on a Cardiff City deal to make the capital a better place to do business.

The cost of crossing the Severn Bridge is coming down too, with tolls being reduced for cars and vans.

Karen Davies is a mum-of-two and says it’ll have a huge effect on her and her family:

“I think it’s amazing because it’s always an extra cost if you decide to go somewhere across the brige.

“Sometimes you need to use it because there’s a lot more there for children’s days out.”

In other new measures announced, the amount people earn before they pay income tax will go up to £11,000, and first time buyers are going to be helped with deposits with a "Help to Buy" ISA.

Tax on beer, cider and spirits is being cut and fuel duty will be frozen in September, saving families £10 every time they fill up at the pumps.

However, the Welsh Government isn’t convinced.

Finance Minister Jane Hutt says she’s very disappointed with the Budget:

“This is yet another Budget which leaves too many challenges and unanswered questions.

“The UK Government’s austerity programme during this Parliament has had a devastating impact on Wales and is set to continue with a further £30bn of cuts forecast up until 2017-18.”

The Chancellor says our households will be better off and more secure.