Calls For "21st Century" Learning

There are claims that children should have a "digital competency" by the time they leave school.

A major review into how and what youngsters are taught says subjects like IT need to be as important as Maths and English.

Professor Graham Donaldson wrote the report and says most children already know how to use smartphones and tablets before they start school:

“We need to think about building from that confidence and familiarity which almost all children have at a very early age.

“How we think about how that grows and develops and what’s the responsibilty of the school and teachers to help”.

The national curriculum was introduced in 1988 and remains mostly unchanged.

The report also recommends a new framework by grouping together subjects to explore different ways for children to learn.

Education Minister Huw Lewis tells Heart it’s time for the current system to evolve:

“The need for a greater understanding of the digital world on the part of pupils and teachers is something we need to fast-track.

“A lot of people will be a little taken aback at the scale of change.

“This is not a tinkering with the old 1988 National Curriculum, this is the first made in Wales, for Wales curriculum.”

However any changes won’t be overnight.

The Welsh Government is launching a “Great Debate” on the curriculum, with the first phase encouraging people to have their say on social media.

You can take a look at the full report here: