Calls For Research Into Stillbirths

Campaigners in North Wales are calling for more research into stillbirths, as new research suggests one in four parents never get an explanation as to why their child died.

Following a new study funded by the Stillbirth and Neo-Natal Death Charity, the Welsh Assembly Member for Arfon, Siân Gwenllian, wants more research into the reasons why babies continue to die before birth.

Elen Hughes from Aberdaron is mum to three boys, but her three sons had another brother - Danial - who died when Elen was thirty-seven and a half weeks pregnant:

"My pregnancy with Danial was completely normal, but one Friday night I just didn't feel right. I woke up on the Saturday morning and felt that the baby wasn't moving as much as usual

I went straight to Ysbyty Gwynedd and was immediately put on a machine to monitor Danial's heart, and everything seemed fine

I was kept on the monitor for four hours just to check that all was well, when all of a sudden the baby moved in an unusual way and the machine lost his heart beat

We thought he'd just moved too far away from the machine for his heart to be picked up, but they never found his heartbeat again. He had passed away."

Siân Gwenllian's met with Elen in order to raise awareness of the support available and to hear of what she thinks can be done to bring down the numbers of babies lost before birth or soon after and says:

"I think the most important message I'd like to get across is that you must never be afraid of approaching a parent who has just lost a baby, and give your sympathies

It's very important that mothers and their families understand that there is support out there for them."