Devolution: New Powers For Wales

David Cameron and Nick Clegg say a new devolution deal is a “landmark” settlement for Wales.

The St David’s Day agreement has been revealed at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and the Prime Minister’s described it as the biggest transfer of powers to the Welsh Government in history.

David Cameron says Ministers will have control over a range of things, from energy projects to speed limits:

 “Whether it is licenses over unconvential gas... decisions over ports... taxes...reducing the voting age.

“All these decisions will be taken here in Cardiff by the Welsh Assembly.”

The agreement is said to be “clearer, stronger, fairer”

However our First Minister isn’t convinced.

Speaking to Heart from the US, Carwyn Jones says it’s disappointing:

“This is not an agreement, I don’t know who it’s meant to be an agreement with.

“We have some vague promise about funding at some point in the future.

“Again, Wales is not being treated in the same way as Scotland”.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says the deal is worth celebrating and that this finally gives the people of Wales a voice:

“I think it’s disappointing that Carwyn Jones always has to carp and complain.

“It’s the biggest step towards Welsh Home Rule in years and years”.

The proposals include most of the recommendations made in an independent report by the Silk Commission - but not all of them.

The Assembly's Presiding Officer Rosemary Butler now wants to see the new powers devolved as soon as possible.