Diabetes "crisis" as Wales has worst diabetes rates in the UK

26 February 2019, 12:41 | Updated: 26 February 2019, 12:45

Nurse giving a patient a diabetes test

A charity is warning diabetes is turning in to a public health crisis with Wales now has the highest prevalence of the condition of any UK nation.

The number of people with diabetes in Wales increased from 191,590 to 194,693 last year.

It's also predicted that one in ten people in Wales could have the condition by 2030 with cases predicted to rise a further 60 per cent to 311,000.

Diabetes UK Cymru says the majority of cases are believed to be Type 2 which can be linked to being overweight.

The charity says diabetes costs the NHS in Wales over a £1 billion a year despite type 2 being largely preventable.

Dai Williams from the charity said: “Diabetes is Wales’ biggest and fastest-growing health crisis.

"This doesn’t have to happen. Thousands of Type 2 diabetes cases could be prevented if we help people understand their risk and how to reduce it.

"Even though the older people get the more likely they are to have Type 2 diabetes, it is never too early to know your risk so that you can make changes to prevent or delay it. 

"Spotting the signs of Type 2 diabetes early can be life-changing. Early diagnosis means that fewer people will experience complications such as sight loss, amputation, kidney failure, stroke and heart disease because they could seek support to manage their condition effectively as soon as possible."

Symptoms of Type 2 diabetes include feeling thirsty, going to the toilet frequently, and feeling more tired than usual.