FGM: Calls For More Awareness in Wales

There are calls for more awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Wales.

A new report has revealed a glimpse into the problem, with approximately 2,500 women in Cardiff alone thought to have undergone the procedure.

It builds on findings published in July 2014 and claims that no local authority is free from FGM entirely, despite those born where it’s practiced mainly living near city or town centres.

Report author Alison Macfarlane, professor of perinatal health at City University London, said:

`The figures in this report are estimates, based on numbers of women living in each area, who were born in countries where FGM is practised, and the prevalence of FGM in those countries.

`They suggest that women who have undergone FGM are living in virtually every part of England and Wales.

`Support is needed for these women during pregnancy and childbirth and may also be needed for older women, because of long-term complications of FGM.

`It is important not to stigmatise women who have undergone FGM, or assume that their daughters are all at risk, as many families have given up FGM on migration and attitudes have changed in some of their countries of origin. On the other hand, others may have not given up FGM and it is important to safeguard their daughters.''