Insanity Verdict In Newport Attacks

A mentally ill woman who attacked a toddler and 7-year-old while in a drug induced trance has been cleared of attempted murder.

Sadie Jenkins was seen holding her weapon while saying "it had to be done".

The 28-year-old was found with a self-inflicted neck wound - before telling doctors "the voices told me to do it".

Forensic psychiatrist Doctor Philip Joseph said prolonged amphetamine abuse badly affected Jenkins' mental state so much so that she was genuinely convinced the mafia was out to get her.

In the hours before the attack in Newport in May last year, Jenkins was convinced she had been sent a "secret message" by a TV crime drama.

A jury took only one hour to reach a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity on both counts.

As the decision came in, Jenkins sobbed uncontrollably in the dock.

Judge Mrs Justice Carr said she will now have to decide what to do with her.

Jenkins could now face a hospital order, a supervision order or an order for an absolute discharge when she is sentenced next month.