Man Denies Dangerous Dog Offences

A 23-year-old man has denied two charges under the Dangerous Dogs Act after the death of his grandmother.

Craig Greve from Cardiff was arrested following an attack at his home in Ely where the 64-year-old was bitten 16 times.

Local councillor Sue Goddard says it’s left the community in shock:

“It’s just a dreadful, dreadful tragedy...

“...and just so awful to contemplate.”

Superintendent Andy Valentine of South Wales Police's Eastern division said:

"This is tragic incident, which I know will shock and upset the local community.

"The woman's family are understandably extremely distressed and are being supported by specially trained police officers.

"I would like to reassure local residents that this is an isolated incident and a thorough police investigation into what happened on Friday is being conducted.

"I would also like to thank the local community for their support and co-operation during the investigation so far."

But Sue says she expects people in the area will be cautious around dogs now:

“I can think of a couple of people who will be really scared to pass any dog and certainly dogs that aren’t leashed.

“I think that the community will be very intimidated by big dogs for the time being – no matter how controlled they are.

Craig Greve is due before Crown Court next month.