More Teachers Targetted For Online Abuse

There are calls for teachers to be protected from cyberbullying.

A new report claims there's been a huge rise in the number of teachers being targeted on social media in the last year.

The NASUWT says around 15 hundred teachers took part in the survey, with 60% saying they’d seen offensive comments posted about them, compared to 21% in 2014.

The NASUWT says they range from remarks about teachers' appearance to racist and homophobic language - some have even had fake profiles made in their names and false allegations against them.

However it’s not just school pupils that are posting insults.

The teaching union said it’s “particularly concerning” that the majority of this increase is down to more parents abusing teachers online.

40% of teachers had experienced this in the last year, compared to 27% in 2014.

Rex Phillips is the National Official for Wales at NASUWT and says mums and dads need to be setting good examples for their children:

“It can be absolutely devastating for teachers.

“They are really quite horrendous comments and where parents should be setting an example, the example they appear to be setting is entirely the wrong example.”

Fewer teachers this year said that their school has a policy protecting staff from abuse on social media.