New Law For Compulsory Pet Microchipping

6 April 2016, 09:54 | Updated: 6 April 2016, 09:59

It is now illegal to have a pet dog without a microchip in Wales.

A new law came into effect on Wednesday 6th April to try and reduce the number of stray animals. 

Owners who do not have their pet microchipped could face a fine of up to £500. 

Claire Lawson, RSPCA Cymru assistant director for external relations, said: 

"Compulsory microchipping will help to make it easier to identify the owners of those dogs that have strayed or are being mistreated, neglected, abandoned or lost, providing the owner's contact details are kept up to date. 

"It is extremely important for owners to not only microchip their dog, but to also make sure the contact details provided are accurate." 

Vet Andy Griffiths told Heart it will help reduce alot of distrress that can be caused to pets and their owners: 

"When animals are brought in perceived to be lost, or strays, often they've got good homes and they've just managed to go missing. So, it enables us to very quickly get them back to their owners. 

"Lots of people have already done it (microchipping) and can see the positives but I think making it law and encouraging people who may be more sceptical is a really good thing to do because there's only really positives to take from this move."