Nine Welsh women murdered by abusers known to police

24 April 2019, 12:33 | Updated: 24 April 2019, 12:46

Victim of abuse

Freedom of Information requests have revealed nine women from Wales have been murdered by stalkers, or former partners, they'd previously reported to police.

Four of the cases were in South Wales, with the other five killed after reporting concerns to North Wales Police.

It means Wales has some of the highest rates of women being killed by men anywhere in the UK.

The website Broadly compiled the figures, which include the case of Terri-Ann Jones from Cilma in Neath Port Talbot, who was killed by her ex-boyfriend after reporting an incident of domestic abuse to police.

Domestic abuse campaigner Rachel Williams survived being shot by her abusive husband in Newport and has told Heart she's surprised that the number of women being murdered by abusive partners isn't even higher.

She said: "I'm sick of hearing that lessons will be learnt, as the year after my shooting there was another shooting in Newport where a woman was murdered. 

"It's not good enough and we don't want to be just a statistic in a report."

It's led to calls for a national register of stalkers to help police and victims track of offenders.

Laura Richards, founder of anti-stalking charity Paladin, said: "When women leave their controlling, abusive partner, the risk of serious harm and homicide increases significantly.

"Coercive control and stalking correlate positively with murder.

"It's high time police trained their staff to take these cases seriously and they should proactively identify serial abusers.

"These are the most dangerous of cases and too many women are paying with their lives."