Plans For Tidal Lagoon In Cardiff

A new tidal energy lagoon in Cardiff could generate enough power for every home in Wales.

The plans have been unveiled by the firm behind the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, with hopes for four more potential sites.

Tidal Lagoon Power says it’s looking at expanding projects to Newport, Colwyn Bay, Bridgewater Bay in Somerset and West Cumbria.

Ioan Jenkins is Development Director and says the announcement is huge:

“We’re looking to bring new industries to the UK.

“The employment opportunities are significant we’re told that within the supply chain for those six lagoons there’ll be about thirty-six-thousand jobs and at peak construction we’ll be employing about seventy-thousand people.

“It’s transformational for the UK”.

However there are concerns for the environment.

Tidal Lagoon Power is taking the first key step with the Cardiff lagoon by submitting an Environmental Impact Assessment scoping report for the project.

We’re told it’s aiming to submit a planning application in 2017 and if it gets approved, the lagoon could be up and running by 2022.

Gareth Clubb is from Friends of the Earth Cymru and tells Heart he’s impressed by the plans – but more still needs to be done to eliminate our carbon footprint:

“If we don’t move to 100% renewable power in the relatively near future then the impacts of climate change are going to be pretty catastrophic for most species – including our own”.

The six lagoons would be a world first and could provide 8% of the UK's electricity.