Police "Failed" Murdered Cwmbran Family

Police and social services have been told they failed to protect a young Welsh mum murdered by her boyfriend.

17-year-old Kayleigh Buckley, her baby girl Kimberley and mum Kim were all killed in their home when Carl Mills set fire to a recycling bin in the porch.

Today, authorities in south Wales have been criticised in three separate reports, that say their deaths may have been prevented if proper checks had been made.

Louise Davey was one of 46-year-old Kim Buckley's best friends.

She says they were none the wiser about Mills' violent past:

“It’s not just one person to blame, everybody’s got their part to play.

“It isn’t just one person’s responsibility why it’s all failed.

“None of us knew about him, I think if we did maybe things would have been different.”

The Police watchdog says that standards the the Gwent force were well below what was expected and that the family were let down.

But Assistant Chief Constable Lorraine Bottomly tells Heart that Mills is "solely" responsible for the murders:

“We have to remember that it’s what HE did that resulted in the murder of three generations of a family.

“ It lies solely in his hands.”

Recommendations in the reports include training for police officers and social workers to recognise signs of domestic abuse.

There are also calls for authorities to intervene early when it comes to children and young people.

Kim Buckley expressed concerns about her daughter on several occasions, but they were seen as low risk.

Carl Mills from Bolton is currently serving 35 years behind bars.