Queen's Flower Girl "Doing Fine"

The mum and dad of a little girl who gave flowers to The Queen say she's doing just fine!

6-year-old Maisie’s bonnet got knocked off by a saluting soldier at the Millennium Stadium; and the video's gone viral.

Around 7,000 people went to see The Royal Welsh Regiment’s Parade of Colours.

Her majesty wore a sky blue cashmere coat and paisley dress by Stewart Parvin and a hat in the same shade, by Angela Kelly.

The 89-year-old rode around the stadium in a specially adapted range rover to inspect the Regiment.

In an address to the stadium crowd, she said:

``It gives me great pleasure to present these new colours to the battalions of the Royal Welsh here in the Millennium Stadium and to see so many of the regiment, your friends and families and the Comrades Associations gathered to witness and to enjoy this occasion.

``As your colonel in chief, I am also delighted to know that the City of Cardiff has granted the regiment the freedom of the city.

``This generous honour typifies the support that the people of Wales have given to its regiments over the years and I know this enduring link has been a great source of strength and encouragement, especially so during the regiment's recent operational deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan

``These operations were conducted in the most testing of circumstances and it is with considerable pride in you that I say that you rose magnificently to the challenges that you faced, in the way that your forebears have always done, with conviction, good humour and courage.

``The values and ethos which you espouse are embedded within the fabric of these colours and I trust that they will continue to provide confidence and inspiration to you and your successors.''

The Regiment’s goat mascot Shenkin did the honour of leading troops off the pitch, so her majesty could meet serving soldiers and their families.

The Queen dined on a meal of salmon, rump of Welsh lamb with Pembrokeshire potatoes and for dessert, a chocolate torte with Halen Mon salted caramel cream.

To drink, she was served was the Regiment’s official wine, which was specially imported from a vineyard in Bordeaux that's been run by a Welsh family for more than 30 years.

Before making her exit, the Queen was given a bunch of posies by six-year-old Maisie Gregory, who was dressed in traditional Welsh costume.

Her dad, Regimental Sergeant Major Martin Gregory said he was “extremely” proud of her.