Royal Welsh Mourns The Loss Of "Taffy"

The Royal Welsh says the death of their Regimental Mascot is “an end to an era”.

Lance Corporal Gwillam Jenkins, also known as Taffy, died peacefully in his pen in the early hours of May 14th.

He’d joined troops in 2008 and became famous throughout Wales, leading the national rugby team out onto the pitch in the Millennium Stadium and had even met Royalty.

Regimental Adjutant, The Royal Welsh, Captain Ben Phillips used to look after Taffy:

“It’s a shame.

“As cheesy as it sounds you build a bit of a rapport with these guys.

“He could determine who you were and there were some people he just didn’t like and would give them a go with his horns.

“I used to check on him and pat him on the back at every parade.

Lee Webb is Assistant Manager at The Goat Major pub in Cardiff:

“It’s been a sad atmosphere here; we lost a good member of staff.

“My last memory is when he came in, drank a pint of dark and then left his trail all over the pub, I didn’t have to clean it up though.

“We’ll be having a few drinks on him.”

His headstone will be added to the many others that have served over the years in the garden outside Regimental Headquarters at Maindy Barracks in Cardiff.