Supermarket getting rid of plastic bags in its Welsh stores

16 March 2019, 12:12

Lidl carrier bag

A supermarket is going to remove bags for life from its Welsh stores as part of a trial.

Lidl says it's the first supermarket in the UK to make the move after they stopped selling single-use 5p bags in 2018.

All 9p bags will be removed from their 54 stores in Wales by 1st May 2019 as the supermarket found the reusable bags were often being used only once.

The retailer says could save 2,500 tonnes of plastic every year, but they will still offer the 38p heavy duty bag and 65p freezer bag.

Customers will have to bring their own or buy a cotton or jute bag instead.

Christian Härtnagel, CEO of Lidl said: "We’re proud of our work at Lidl to reduce plastic across our stores, and particularly the steps we have taken over the years to reduce sales of plastic carrier bags.

“After seeing that our 9p reusable bag was increasingly being used as a single use option, we wanted to look at how we could mitigate this pattern. 

"Through this trial, we will be able to fully assess the impact that removing our 9p plastic bags has in helping customers shift to a fully reusable option."

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “Wales was the first nation in the UK to bring in a charge on single-use carrier bags and we are pleased that Lidl has chosen Wales as the location for an initiative which will help inform understanding of consumer behaviour and bag use."