Conservatives and UKIP on the up in Wales

8 May 2015, 11:46 | Updated: 8 May 2015, 12:34

The 2015 General Election has seen the Welsh Conservatives achieve their best number of MPs here in over thirty years, whilst UKIP moved ahead of Plaid Cymru in share of the vote.

Labour remained the largest party but their total number of seats fell by one to twenty five. Despite winning back fiercely contested Cardiff Central from the Lib Dems, they unexpectedly lost two key seats to the Conservatives - Vale of Clwyd and Gower. The latter has been held by the Labour Party for over a hundred years. Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb was delighted with the result. 

The Conservatives took eleven seats in total. That's three more than than won in 2010 and their best result since 1983.

UKIP's Welsh Leader Nathan Gill declared it a "magical night" for his party. Despite failing to win any seats UKIP support surged, particularly in the South Wales valleys, seeing them come second in a number of areas and achieving their best ever share of the vote.

It saw the anti European union party move ahead of Plaid Cymru to become the third biggest party in Wales by number of votes.

Plaid retained the three Westminster seats they won last time but failed to breakthrough in their target seats, including Ynys Mon where they fell just short. 

Mirroring the huge losses suffered across Britain, the Lib Dems were reduced to just one seat in Ceredigion, having previously held three. Welsh leader Kirsty Williams praised departing MP Jenny Willott, who was defeated by Labour in Cardiff Central. 

Attention in Wales now moves to the Welsh Assembly elections which take place next May, when we will decide who represents us in Cardiff Bay.