Wales Celebrates Champions League Choice

The heads of Welsh football have been celebrating, after Cardiff was picked to host the 2017 Champions League final.

UEFA announced the trophy-deciding match will be held at the Millennium Stadium at a conference in Prague on Tuesday.

It’ll be the first time the final is played in Wales.

FAW President, Trefor Lloyd Hughes, said he hopes to see some Welsh players on the pitch:

“I’m hopeful; you never know what’s going to happen in the game of football.

“It’s been a pleasure being the President at the time this has been agreed and announced.”

Around 180 million people in 200 countries watched the 2015 final between Barcelona and Juventus.

It’s claimed the match will bring £40million into Cardiff, and will be a boost to Wales as a whole.

It’ll be the biggest football match played here since the 2006 FA Cup final.

WRU Chief Exec, Roger Lewis, said the stadium is ready:

“The sun always shines in the Millennium Stadium and that’s something very special.

“Whatever the conditions, we can guarantee the greatest playing surface in the world, we can guarantee an event that will look fantastic on the television, and we can guarantee an event that the fans can arrive at the stadium in great spirits and enjoy one of the most magical moments.”

However, it won't be the only big final in the Welsh Capital in 2017.

The Women’s Champions League final will be played at the Cardiff City Stadium.