Welsh Coal Workers Win At High Court

28 July 2015, 16:13 | Updated: 28 July 2015, 16:38

HEART's being told hundreds of former coal workers and their families can start a legal battle for compensation.

A judge at the High Court in London today ruled a group compensation case can go ahead.

It's comes as around 350 coal workers now suffer from asthma, as well as skin and lung cancer.

Berwyn Jones from Caerphilly used to work down the pits with his dad - who's now passed away from breathing problems...

He says...

"We worked twenty four seven, seven days a week...I know it's a bad job but the money was good.

I lost my father after looking after him for the last five years'

It wasn't just Berwyn's dad there were around two hundred other Welsh coal workers working in the same conditions.

Some were described as having little to no protection from the dust and fumes...whilst other didn't even have overalls.

James Gibson works for Huw James - who have been representing the families, he says...

"This is a national issue, altogether we think there were around 30 coking plants across the UK but there was a cluster of those around South Wales.

British Coal exposed men to dust and fumes and we think more should have been done to protect them."

British Coal doesn't actually exist anymore but the UK Government saythey're doing all they can to make sure proceedings go through as quickly as possible.