Welsh Mum Helps Daughter Survive Quake

Deb from Caerleon woke up to a phone call telling her there had been an earthquake in Nepal.

Her daughter, Kayleigh is currently travelling in Katmandhu with her boyfriend and his sister.

The family struggled to contact Kayleigh for more than an hour before they received a call from her.

Deb tells Heart, "they were out in the street, you could hear screaming, she was crying, they didn't know what was going on, she was really hysterical with the situation".

"She said people had collapsed all around them, people were trapped".

Kayleigh had taken her iPhone with her on the backpacking trip to Asia which allowed the family to track her movements.

Deb says they were able to "tell her where the nearest open space was because as you can imagine in Katmandhu there's not many green areas there".

"They've gone to an open area. They have been staying in the grounds of a large hotel who've been feeding them, giving them water, but they're not allowed indoors. I've had calls with her this morning (Mon) and she said they've now been asked to leave the hotel as it has been deemed as unsafe and they've run out of food and water".

Kayleigh is now on her way to the British Embassy to see if they can find any help.

Deb tells Heart, "it's awful, absolutely awful as you can imagine it's every parents nightmare. You just want to know that they're safe but still knowing she's safe at the moment is not enough. I know she's over there."