Welsh People Struggling With Bills

29 May 2014, 16:09 | Updated: 29 May 2014, 16:22

Almost half of us have trouble keeping up with the bills and 43% aren't happy with our council, according to a national survey for Wales.

14,500 people aged 16 and were asked questions on subjects including health, education and transport.

92% say they were satisfied the last time they visited their GP but more than a third found it hard to make an appointment at a convenient time.

In terms of schools, 92%  of parents say they're satisfied with their child's primary school while 85% are happy with their teenager's secondary school.

Mum Danni told Heart she's happy with how her school works: "It's very much an open door policy.

"You can go and see the teacher at any time you want to.

"We're very much kept up to date. There are two parents evenings per school year and there's always updates.

"Any time you want to go and see the teacher - if you want to see how your child is progressing - then you can do it."

57% of people say their local authority provided a high quality service.

Researchers have also measured our wellbeing with almost 8 in 10 saying their satisfied with their lives.

"Desktop computers have gone down from around half of people to around 40% in the space a year.

Chris McGowan helped to carry out the research: "We found many more people are using mobile phones - or another handheld device like a tablet - that doubled almost in a year from 17% to a third of people."

The survey also found 75% of households in Wales now have access to the internet at home.