Woman's Heartbreak After Stillborn Baby

A husband and wife who’s baby was stillborn say they’ll keep on campaigning to raise awareness of a deadly bug.

Carrie and Jonathan Evans from Cardiff say Carrie’s pregnancy was uncomplicated until her waters broke.

She went through the full-term and says she lost her baby girl on 6th December last year:

“To go through the whole pregnancy and for your baby to die at the end is the worst thing ever.

“Once your baby is dead your body still thinks you’re a mum.

“Everything keeps going, all the hormones everything.

“It’s absolutely horrendous”.

Orla Carrie Evans developed an infection in her lung from bacteria that had made its way into her mum’s womb after her waters had broken.

The bug – called Group B Strep or GBS – is often preventable and lives harmlessly in around a quarter of us.

Carrie and her husband are calling for all pregnant women to be screened for GBS.

Dr Brian Beattie is a foetal medicine consultant and says it is offered in some countries:

“They offer a swab at about 36 weeks to screen for the presence of the bacteria and if it’s there then the mum can have antibiotics in labour to prevent the baby being harmed.

“It’s frustrating that a swab which would cost the NHS about £11 and anitbiotics which would cost around £20 would have meant they would now be parents of their little girl”.

Carrie and Jonathan say they'll continue to push for screening of GBS to be a legal requirement.

They've been trying to get people to sign a petition so MPs will look into it, but right now they haven't got enough signatures.

In the meantime - we've been in touch with the Department of Health which says the UK National Screening Committee doesn’t recommend testing at the moment - but evidence will be reviewed later this year.