Women Encouraged Into Business

There are calls for more women to break gender stereotypes.

Figures show there are now more women in work than ever before in Wales, with 650,000 in employment – that’s up 17,000 since May 2010.

Young girls are being encouraged to pursue a career in areas like science and engineering.

Abi Carter runs her own forensics company and says some of her clients are still surprised that she’s a female scientist:

“It’s hugely male dominated.

“I still think people get a bit of a shock when they meet me when I come for meetings or when I go to court.

“I haven’t had any major barriers and I haven’t actually had any major problems but it’s something I’m aware of.”

Wales Office Minister Baroness Randerson says women like Abi are a “glowing example”.

But more needs to be done to empower others:

“We all have a responsibility to support, encourage and educate women to help them not only strive for their dreams, but to achieve them.

“We need to make sure that it is no longer possible to gender stereotype and that we have as many women running science, technology and engineering companies as men.”

International Women’s Day is on Sunday, with the theme “Make It Happen”.