Two rescues at mountains in North Wales

Four tourists have been rescued after getting stuck on the side of mountain while out walking in North Wales.

They were winched to safety by helicopter in Snowdonia on Tuesday night, although they were well equipped for the climb.

The parents and a teenage boy and girl, on holiday from Worcestershire with a four-year-old dog, called rescuers after becoming trapped on the west side of Tryfan.

Just hours earlier crews rescued a group of teenagers who were walking in another area.

Seven 17-year-olds from Hertfordshire got lost and separated in low cloud and on steep ground during a Duke of Edinburgh gold award expedition.

Chris Lloyd from Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue has simple advice for people going climbing.

He said:

"Mountains have free access for everyone so just think about what happens if something goes wrong.

"It's not just a matter of calling for help and someone's there in five minutes, it may take an hour or so before we can get there."