Big Lotto Handouts Across Hertfordshire

17 January 2017, 06:00

Lotto Ticket

The latest round of Lottery Funding has been announced for local groups in Hertfordshire.

There's some £78,872 being dished out to charities and community groups.

HATFIELD - Town Council will use the funding to deliver a range of activities of multi-sport activities including walking football and walking netball for the benefit of people over 60 in the local community. This will engage beneficiaries in positive activities, reduce social isolation and improve their health and well-being. £9,870

HITCHIN - Oughton Primary and Nursery School will use the funding to create an outdoor gym facility for the benefit of pupils and the wider community. This will improve the health of beneficiaries and reduce instances of disruptive behaviour. £9,575

ST ALBANS - Fleetville Junior School will use the funding to purchase surfacing which will enable them to create an all-weather pathway and track for the benefit of pupils, staff and parents. This will provide an opportunity to engage in outdoor physical exercise including running and walking, improve fitness and reduce obesity levels. £10,000

ST ALBANS - Colney Heath Junior Mixed Infant and Nursery School will use the funding to deliver an afterschool multi-sports programme for young people that will involve physical activity to become healthy, and bring people together in a positive environment. The project will offer positive activities aimed at supporting young people in developing their physical and social skills. £9,775

STEVENAGE - East Herts Royals Basketball Club will use the funding to deliver basketball activities for local primary school children. This will divert participants from negative behaviours and encourage them to take part in physical activity. £9,911

WELWYN HATFIELD - Herts Sports and Wellbeing Foundation will use the funding to deliver physical activity sessions for people living with the effects of Parkinson's disease and their carers. This will encourage those taking part to become more physically and socially active. £9,800

WELWYN HATFIELD - De Havilland Boxing Club will use the funding to deliver a programme of boxing and fitness-based activities aimed at university students and provide Level 1 coaching for volunteers. This will engage people in positive activities, improve fitness levels, reduce isolation and provide a diversion to negative behaviours. £9,971

WATFORD - Citizens Advice Bureau will use the funding to improve and expand their telephone advice facilities and upgrade their website. This will enable them to provide more advice to people, as people will be able to access advice without having to leave the house or pay public transport costs. £9,970