Generation Gap

Get what you want from your mum or dad by beating them in the Generation Gap.

Are your kids not doing their homework or tidying their rooms?

Is your mum or dad always nagging at you about something?

Well Generation Gap is the perfect place to settle it once and for all!

We pick one lucky family each week where an adult and a child will play head-to-head against each other.

But there is a twist!

The adults will be asked children's questions and the children will be asked questions that only adults should know the answer to...

At the end of the week we'll declare our winner.

Answer your question correctly and get a treat agreed by your parent or child, get it wrong and you get a forfeit. And just for getting through to play, you'll also win a month of free cinema to The Empire Cinema in Hemel Hempstead. 

Do you want to play the Generation Gap? Simply fill in the form below...