Great things ahead

Christmas and New Year are behind us, I'm already married, my wife and I moved house and had a baby last year and it was my thirtieth birthday in December.

All in all, I've been there, done that, and haven't got a whole lot more to look forward to this year.

So I asked you what's the next big thing you're looking forward to.

Glamourous assistant Laura said she can't wait to skydive with her dad for his sixtieth this summer, (mainly to see the look of fear on his face!) Aisline in Kings Langley is looking forward to becoming a grandmother for the first time in April, and Donna in Hemel is looking forward to her surprise 40th Birthday Party (although she already knows about it and wants to be on the organising committee!)

But Niki in North Watford has perhaps the most exciting thing to look forward to, even if she doesn't sound overly keen!

Listen again below!

Daniel x


Great things ahead 2013