Make your own reality TV show!

Nowadays there seems to be a reality TV show about just about everything! I can't help but think any of us could come up with a better idea.

So I put you to the test! I asked for your ideas including what the show would be called and what it would be about.

I came up with 'Zelebrity Bermuda Triangle' a mix between Wish You Were Here and Big Brother, where we send a boat full of Z list celebrities to disappear forever. 

Glamourous Assistant Laura came up with 'Bare It All' where we take certain reality TV stars and put them in a house with no make up, fake tan, or fake eyelashes and wait until they crack.

Sarah in Berkhamsted thought of an idea to put a man in a house with all of his ex girlfriends and Janine in Watford came up with a programme where politicians swap lives with pensioners.

But Louise in Rickmansworth had a very original idea that had us all gripped.

Listen again below!

Daniel x

Make your own reality TV show