What do your pants say about you?

David Cameron has confessed that he gets his pants from Marks and Spencer. I think this shows that he has had a good upbringing.

Like Mr Cameron, I also get my pants from M&S, again showing that I have had a good upbringing and like reliable quality. 

Glamourous assistant Laura wears Leopard print pants - the female equivalent of the 'comedy tie' showing that she wants to show that she's fun and quirky and doesn't take life to seriously!

I asked you to share your preference of underwear in return for my diagnosis of the type of person you are.

Sarah in Watford was going for black 'Bridget Jones Style' pants showing that she is confident in her own skin and doesn't need to hide behind anything fancy. Amanda in Berkhamsted likes a black lace pair from M&S showing she's middle class, mature, but with a youthful streak. Lisa in Hemel told us all that she prefers to go commando, showing that she doesn't feel the cold!

Listen again below to Natalie in Mill End's choice.

Daniel x

What do your pants say about you?