You used to do what?!

I completely confused my 9 year old son when I told him we used to go to video rental shops to hire a film to watch at home. He looked at me completely baffled as if he couldn't imagine a world before Netflix.

So I wanted to know what things did we used to do that our children would just not believe if we told them?

Here's some of my favourites:

Emma in Boxmoor - you had to wait until your mum was off the phone to use the internet!

Jenny in Rickmansworth - your auntie would cut your hair, there were no straighteners - you got what you got, and if you wanted colour you bought coloured hairspray!

Carrie - St Albans - there were only 4 TV channels and if you wanted to change the channel you had to get up and do it on the TV.

George - Gadebridge - you didn't get milk from the supermarket, you had it delivered to your doorstep!