17/01/2013 Snowmageddon Is Approaching

Are you prepared for the snow tomorrow? Seems like it could be pretty bad!! Get ready for Snowmaggedon 2013.

Some of us absolutely LOVE going out in the snow, especially when it's the weekend. It's already been starting to come down and interfere with your plans.

Here's what you've been saying about the snow this morning.

I'm not looking forward to the snow because I have planned my 40th birthday on Saturday, if the Snow is too bad I will be celebrating in an empty room lol good job I have gone for a Hollywood theme and have a room roll with the image of lots of people on it, that way it may look like I have some guests.

I'm so excited, I'm already making the blueprints for my snowman!

I'm getting married Saturday up Lickey Hills and the snow is causing mayhem with the suppliers etc. we definitely know the DJ is there though and we don't have a 1st dance song :( 

Dreading the snow as I have to pick up my first car on Saturday only passed my test in December!

Let it snow let it snow let it snow. Both my boys are desperate, & I want to build a snowman! 

Snow no! Work outside.. Only people who like snow are those wrapped up warm in cosy offices...

Snowing in Bishops Castle and I've got to drive 50 miles to work in it. Snow means no visit from my boyfriend lives 100 miles away this weekend. So definitely nay to snow!!

We'll have to see how much snow tomorrow morning brings!!

Thanks for speaking to us today, we'd love to hear what the snow's like with you tomorrow.

Plus it's FRIDAY!