Day 2 - Heart's Kayak Challenge Blog

3 October 2017, 07:15 | Updated: 4 October 2017, 08:40

gem carrying kayak 1

Track Gem's progress on Day 2 of Heart's Kayak Challenge with Selco

Gemma set off from Cowley Locks this morning on day 2 of Heart's Kayak Challenge with Selco. You can follow her journey throughout the day here:

What a day!! Gemma's shoulder went so she was struggling to paddle. We were so close to abandoning the challenge but what did she do? She INSISTED to carry Floaty Boaty all the way to the end!


How is she still going! Gemma you're incredible! 


Gemma’s shoulder is in a very bad way but she's so determined! She’s demanded that she carries the kayak. So far she’s carried it 7.5 miles!

This is heartbreaking, you can do it Gemma. We believe in you


Gemma has set off for Day 2 of Heart's Kayak Challenge with Selco feeling abit sore from yesterday. 

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