Angels this rota is a quick and easy way to find out what shifts are coming up.

It will also help the forgetful Angels that can never remember what they have worked or for how long, you can now just check out our beautiful rota. :)

I will still be sending out instant text messages to let you know about shifts instantly, so that I can get angels booked in for shifts promptly.

A face book page has also been set up so that you can log on and chat to fellow angels find out what’s going on and we can organise more Angel nights out. Just search http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100001766637928

 This page is for strictly angels only DO NOT PASS ON THE LINK TO ANYONE OUTSIDE OUR ANGEL CIRCLE.

lots of love

Charlie /Patsy P x

Date Time Shift Heart Angel Working
Monday 3rd January 9am - 5pm Filming for Launch

1.James Gregory


 Friday 7th Jan  5pm -10.30pm  LG Arena Holiday on ice

 1.Kayleigh Hewitt


 10th/11th Jan  4-6.30/5-7.30  Helping with Interviews

 1.Kayliegh Hewitt 2.James Gregory

/1.James Gregory


Thursday 13th Jan  9.30am - 2.30am  Angels in black.

 1.Kayleigh Hewitt

2.Louise Groom

 Thursday 13th Jan   6.15pm - 7.30pm  Panto Meet and Greet Winners

 1.Kayleigh Hewitt

2.Louise Groom

 Saturday 15th Jan 10.00am - 5.30pm    Merry Hill Win A Holiday Promotion

 1.Louise Groom

2.Kayleigh Hewitt

3.James Gregory

4.Gemma Parr

 Monday 17th Jan  6.15am- 10.30am  Launch of I newspaper

 1.Kayleigh Hewitt

2.Louise Groom

3.Amy Holden


 Friday 21st Jan

 9.30 -3.40


 Cleaning cars

looking after clients

 1. Kayleigh Hewit

2. Louise Groom

 Monday 24th Jan  9.30-11  Managing Kitchen

 1. Amy Holden

2. Amelia ( capital)