Day 5 - Heart's Kayak Challenge Blog

6 October 2017, 07:28 | Updated: 7 October 2017, 20:47

What a photo!!

Track Gem's progress on Day 5 of Heart's Kayak Challenge with Selco

IT IS THE FINAL DAY OF HEART'S KAYAK CHALLENGE. Gemma will arrive back into the West Midlands today. She is leaving Royal Leamington Spa this morning heading toward Birmingham where she will finish at The Canal House. Gemma made incredible progress on Day 4 but it was a very emotional day. You can follow her progress on the final day here:

Re-live the final day of Heart's Kayak Challenge 

Thank you so much for your support

This is going to be emotional, Gemma is arriving at the Finish line


She's almost here...

We're waiting for her at The Canal House

We actually cannot thank you enough for your support


She never stops singing...

Gemma has loved your support along the route

As Gemma gets closer and closer to home, we've just told that we've raised £43,000!! You guys are incredible!

This is WHY Gemma has put herself through our Biggest Challenge EVER... to help beautiful children like Jude

She's OFF

Kayak Video Still

Heart's Kayak Challenge