Man 'Received Negligent Representation'

2 August 2019, 15:24

A man embroiled in a family court case received "negligent" representation from a firm of solicitors, a judge has said.

Mr Justice Keehan criticised Maidments solicitors in a ruling after analysing the case at a recent family court hearing in Coventry.

He said an employee of the firm had "incompetently misunderstood" an issue relating to legal aid and the firm had lost a bundle of documents.

Social services bosses at Staffordshire County Council complained that a man had breached an injunction which stopped him obstructing staff caring for his father.

The judge said Maidments - also known as Forbes Solicitors - had represented the man.

He said the firm was "negligent in their conduct of their representation" and should pick up a £6,500 bill run up by the council.

Mr Justice Keehan, based in the Family Division of the High Court in London, said money had been wasted because of the firm's conduct.