Ambulance Vandalised After Paramedics Assaulted

29 November 2018, 14:38

ambulance smashed

An West Midlands ambulance has been vandalised after paramedics were assaulted and chased into their vehicle.

West Midlands Police said a man was "now secure in custody" after a weapon was used to smash a window of the ambulance at about 7am on Thursday.

The incident happened in Handsworth, Birmingham, after the ambulance crew attempted to treat the alleged perpetrator.

Commenting on the incident, West Midlands Ambulance Service chief executive Anthony Marsh, said: "Although physically unhurt, this must have been a terrifying ordeal for our staff.

"We will provide support for them going forwards, but this is something that simply should not happen.

"No one deserves to be assaulted, but our staff are there to help people in their hour of need; they are there to protect and save the lives of the public."