Belgrave Middleway Crash: One Year On

17 December 2018, 07:40 | Updated: 17 December 2018, 08:27

Belgrave Middleway crash Birmingham six dead

A paramedic with West Midlands Ambulance Service says the crash was the worst incident she could ever dream of attending.

It's exactly one year since six people were killed in a multi-vehicle crash on the Belgrave Middleway in Birmingham.

Taxi driver Imtiaz Mohammed, was killed alongside passengers Lucy Davis , 43, and her partner Lee Jenkins, 42, after an Audi S3 crashed into them.

Four of the occupants of the Audi were ejected from the vehicle, two from the boot and two via the sun roof, the inquest heard.

Mohammed Fahsha, 30, Kasar Jehangir, 25, and Tauqeer Hussain, 26, who were in the Audi, died at the scene.

Paramedic Tasha Starkey was among emergency services who attended the crash in the early hours of 17th December 2017.


This morning, Tasha tweeted to say she had layed flowers at the scene.


After the accident, thousands of people signed a petition calling for safety measures on that stretch of road. Council Leader Councillor Ian Ward received the petition earlier this year.

The average speed cameras, which will enforce the existing 40mph speed limit, are currently being installed.

Birmingham City Council says it will also be looking at what other road safety measures could be put in place.

Councillor Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham City Council, said: “This was a terrible accident which shocked the city and, given the long and complex nature of the resulting police investigation, it was important that we understood what had contributed to this truly heartbreaking loss of six lives before considering what safety measures could be put in place.

“Following the inquest, it has now been officially recognised that excessive speed was a key factor in this collision so, with the support of our colleagues at West Midlands Police, we are now moving forward with plans to install average speed cameras along this stretch of road as well as looking at what other measures might improve road safety in this location.

“The consequences of this awful collision will remain with the relatives of those who died for the rest of their lives and will also stay with the emergency services who attended the scene. We don’t want anyone else in our city to have to go through what these families and individuals have experienced.”