Biggest ever flood defence exercise in the Midlands

The largest emergency exercise EVER is taking place this week 7-11th March to test HOW prepared we are to deal with severe flooding.

10 thousand people will be involved -with mock helicopter trials rescuing people from rooftops.

Residents in Worcester got to see the new flood barriers being put up yesterday for the first time.

Anthony Perry, Flood Risk Manager for the Environment Agency said: "Flood barriers in places like Worcester are vital to helping protect communities from flooding. But it is also important that people know how to prepare and help themselves if the worst happens. Exercise Watermark gives us all an opportunity to look at how we prepare for and respond to flooding."

Meanwhile - One Worcestershire woman is showing how to make your house more resilient.

Judy Gibson, from Uckinghall, was badly affected by the floods in 2007 and spent nearly two years in a caravan while her house was rebuilt and refurbished.

Her house now has a number of flood resilience measures: "such as skirting board that can be unscrewed, lightweight chairs, electric sockets off the ground and the upstairs area has been designed to be self-sufficient if needed. In short, there is very little on the ground floor that can't be moved."

"Having lived in a caravan for over two years I was determined to ensure that the house would be far more resilient to flooding if another event occurred."

John Curtin, Midlands Flood Risk Manager, said: "Exercise Watermark will test the country's response to severe flooding, helping to protect people's lives, homes and livelihoods against future floods. Being prepared, such as taking the actions shown today or highlighted on our website, is vital to help reduce the impact of flooding."