Birmingham Budget Cuts

A reduction in the transport service affecting how kids get to and from school and a hike of on-street parking.

They're just some of the ways in which Birmingham City Council have re-arranged there budget.

They have to save 212 million pounds in the next financial year with 2,450 job losses.

Council leader Mike Whitby said they have to save 300 thousand pounds a day for 3 years.

But they say extra resources will be invested into pressure areas, totalling £90million in 2011/12, including Childrens services, adult care and recycling. And that they will also be freezing this year's Council Tax. 

Click here to see all the areas that will be affected across the city.

Mr Whitby, who described the savings plan as "a gargantuan challenge", said: "Undoubtedly this has been one of the most challenging budgets to plan.

"Although, inevitably, there will be a focus on reduced spend across the public sector, it is important to remember that more than £3.5 billion is still to be spent on quality public services."

He added: "Without wishing to dilute the challenge, which is immense, we have the credibility and the ability to manage it."

He said there would be "some downsides in the city of Birmingham" but announced that council tax would not rise in the forthcoming new financial year out of consideration for the high number of "poor" and "vulnerable" people in the city.